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Morning activities during school holidays SummerFUN 2021

We are happy to announce that our  summer fun mornings for kids from 4 years old up to 12 years will start at the 28th of June for this summer until the 30th of July.  We are offering the following activities in our indoor place (full air-conditioning):

-gymnastics for all


-aerial acrobatics


-indoor parkour

-circus activities

-team fun games

-board/educational games

-just dance / karaoke 

-Development of Psychological skills (Self-confidence, Motivations, Anxiety management, Goal setting etc)

Dates and prices for SummerFUN 2021

70 euros per week, For siblings 60 euros per kid per week

Time 8:00-13:-00 (No food included)

Available weeks: From 28/06/2021 until 30/07/2021

Booking: 1-5 Weeks

We don not provide any outdoor excursions therefore we do not have any additional costs. 

*Deposit 50 euros for each family

Full prepaid amount on your starting day for all the weeks you want to reserve a place for your kid/s. 


* Waiting list available: You get informed in case of cancellation

*Drop-In available: You can send an sms the day before you wish to come or we  can add you in the drop in list and whenever we have an available place you are informed to join the class. Cost 20 euros per day per kid/ Siblings 30 euros per day for both

Thanks for submitting! We will let you know if we have available places for the week/s asked. 

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