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Flips & Hops would like to inform you about the Summer Fun mornings for kids age 5 years and over. We are offering the following activities in our indoor place:

-gymnastics for all


-aerial acrobatics

-acrobatic dance

-indoor parkour

-circus activities

-strength and flexibility training

-team fun games

-board/educational games

Just Dance / karaoke

- Psychological skills training (Enhancing self-confidence, Motivations skills, Anxiety management, Goal setting etc)


Available weeks:


Week 1: 27/6 - 1/7

Week 2: 4/7 - 8/7

BREAK 11/7 - 15/7

Week 3: 18/7 - 22/7

Week 4: 25/7-29/7)

Time: 8:00-13:00.

Cost per kid per week: 80 euros (no meals included).

Cost for 2 siblings per week: 140 euros (no meals included)

Reservations for 1-4 weeks

* We don't offer any other trips, therefore there are no additional costs.

Deposit 50 euros for each kid to reserve his/her place  (The amount of the deposit is not returned in case of cancellation).

The total amount of the weeks wished to reserve a place is paid in advance before the starting of your kid's lessons ( Fees are not refundable in case your kids don't come at the lessons for any reason)

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