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Hello everyone and welcome to Flips & Hops. 


Please read the following information carefully and in case you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

To ensure your kids' best experience, concertation and safety during the classes, parents are kindly asked not to sit and watch the lessons. The sitting area is just for the kids. 


TRIAL for Kids age 4+

1.  You can book a free short trial (15min) to be with your kid when you visit our place for the first time. During this time you will be able to see our place and get an idea of our classes. 

You can book a trial  the following days and times:

Monday 13:30-14:00

Wednesday 6:00-6:30 p.m

2. Your kid comes alone for the 1 hour training in the specific day and time that you have booked. No parents are allowed. You need to prepay 15 euros for the trial. If you choose to continue we reserve the specific spot for the following months. 

During the parent child groups for kids age 2-4 year,  all parents MUST participate with their kids during the class. The trail for this age is one hour and its  direct in the group that you have been offered a place for the month.  


Please keep in mind that fees are prepaid before the starting date of your first class of each month, to ensure your place. In case you want to cancel your kid's place, please inform us before the 1st of the month, otherwise you will still need to pay for the upcoming month. 

Please bear in mind, that when you register at Flips and Hops you book a place for our groups until June 2024. So in case you wish to cancel your place for the whole month, for personal reasons  (and not due to health issues) your kid's place will be  offered to another kid as most of our groups have waiting's lists. 

Missing lessons

If your kid miss a lesson or more, you can check our timetable and if there is an available place during our classes we will be more than happy to offer you a place if you are registered for the month.  Please  notice that we are not obliged to do that therefore try not to miss your lessons. If we cancel a lesson we will always give you another option or date to replace the missing lesson. 

The PRICES are as follow:

1 kid:  45 euros per month for once a week 

1 kid: 80 euros per month for twice a week

2 kids: 80 euros per month for once a week.

2 kids: 160 euros per month for twice a week

3 kids: 120 euros per month for once per week

3 kids: 240 euros per month for twice a week. 

Private session: 45 euros for one hour

Cost for trial or one lesson in a group : 15 euros 

Summer fun mornings July-August 08:00-13:00 85 euros per kid per week


Online Payment options: 
Bank transfer (Bank of Cyprus)
IBAN: CY33002001950000357037847777    SWIFT/BIC:  BCYPCY2N    Account number: 357037847777





Looking forward to see you all at our lessons. 
Best regards


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