Flips & Hops started in Limassol Cyprus in September 2017 by a physical education teacher. 

Andri's background comes from artistic gymnastics where she was champion in Cyprus  from 1987 until 1997 and competed in many international games  winning 8th place on balance beam in Commonwealth Games 1994 and five gold medals in Small Olympic Games in 1997.


In 1998 after a shoulder injury  continued her training in track and field in 100m and 200m where she also competed on many international games. Later in 1999 was accepted in Athens University under full scholarship to study Sport Science and Physical Education.


In 2003 returned to Cyprus and worked as a coach in women΄s artistic gymnastics and in 2005 completed her Master Degree  in Sport Psychology in London.


In 2007 got married and moved to Sweden where she lived for 9 years. She worked as a physical education teacher in Swedish schools and became a mother of three amazing kids. Meantime, she started learning more about Swedish gymnastics and worked in different clubs as a coach for family gymnastics, kids gymnastics, artistic gymnastics and team gymnastics. She also got involved with new gymnastics courses like indoor parkour, bamse gymba and team gymnastics. Together with her kids attended training classes such  family gymnastics, circus gymnastics, team gymnastics, gymnastics for all and artistic gymnastics.  


In 2016 returned to Cyprus with her family. Her kids were 8, 5, and 2 at the time and wanted to start a parent-child group for her little daughter and give the opportunity to her sons to continue gymnastics through a playful environment.   


She used her knowledge, education and experiences and developed gymnastics classes for kids from 2 years old. As a mum, physical education teacher, gymnastics coach and sport psychologist designed the classes not only to enhance kids physical strengths but also their psychological ones.


Through Flips & Hops classes children build self-confidence and learn to treat each other with respect. Andri believes that all kids are good in something and that's why by offering  different activities and exercises to kids we help them learn more about themselves and find their strengths. Through training kids become better in physical activities which in turn has a positive impact on their psychological world.


We are constantly adding new ideas, activities and equipment in our classes.  For the first time in Cyprus kids have the chance to learn different disciplines of gymnastics from a very young age. Join us today! 

BSc in Physical Education and Sport Science
BSc in Psychology
MSc in Sport Psychology
MSc in Education
Proud Mum 

 Limassol Cyprus 

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