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Our classes

Personal training for kids or adults

We design the training based on your needs. Available for all levels and ages. 

Do you want to try gymnastics for the first time? We are here for you! 

Are you a dancer or an athlete and need to learn more flips or tricks? We are here to help you.  

Price 45 euros per training for one person

Price 25 euros per person  for semi-private (max 2 persons)

Please contact us for specific days and times 

Gymnastics for Kids and Teenagers

Children's Age: 4+

Kids start alone their gymnastics classes at age 4. Through our classes kids have the chance to work with different  exercises to improve their balance, flexibility, strength, coordination and teamwork. We do gymnastics, acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, indoor parkour, circus etc. 

Price 45 euros per kid per month for once a week

Price 80 euros per kid for twice a week or for two kids for once per week

Price 120 euros for three kids for once per week or for three times per week for one kid. 

Contact us for available places. 


Our Classes: Facilities

Gymnastics for Toddlers
Parent-child groups

Childrens' Age: 2-4 years

An adult must be with the kid during the entire lesson. We dance, we roll, we play and we use equipment such as air tracks, rings, bars, aerial silk, balls, ribbons, balance beams etc. 

Price 45 euros per kid per month for once per week (Adults for free).

Price 80 euros for two kids for once per week (Adults for free|).


Indoor Parkour 

Age: 7+ years

Get ready for some jumps, tricks and flips in a safety environment full of mats. 

Parkour is included during our regular classes

Special offer workshops during school holidays or weekends. 

Wednesdays 6:00 (Kids'age 8-10 years)

Friday 6:15 (Kids' age 9+)


Trampoline Flips

Aerial Acrobatics for KIDS and Adults

Age: 7+ years

During our classes kids are trained with the aerial silks, aerial hoop and trapeze. 

FOR KIDS: Mondays at 6:15 p.m.

Price: 45 euros per kid per month for once a week 

Price: 80 euros per kid per month for twice a week

Let us know if you are interested to buy your own aerial silk hammock for home training and relaxation.

Morning activities during school holidays

Age 4+

Happy Kids Huddle

During school holidays (Summer, Christmas, Easter, etc)

we have our  fun mornings for kids over 4 years old

from 8:00 p.m - 13:00 p.m. 

We are offering the following activities in our indoor place:

-gymnastics for all


-aerial acrobatics


-indoor parkour

-circus activities

-team fun games

-board/educational games

85 euros per week or 20 euros per day



Individual and group sessions available  for all sports

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