Personal training for kids or adults


We design the training based on your needs. Available for all levels and ages. 

Do you want to try gymnastics for the first time? We are here for you! 

Are you a dancer or an athlete and need to learn more flips or tricks? We are here to help you.  

Price 40 euros per per training 


Gymnastics for Kids and Teenagers

Children's Age: 4+

Kids start alone their gymnastics classes at four years old. Through our classes kids have the chance to work with different  exercises to improve their balance, flexibility, strength, coordination and teamwork. We do gymnastics, acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, indoor parkour, circus etc. 

Price 10 euros per kid per training

Gymnastics for Toodlers - Family gymnastics

Childrens Age: 2-4 years

An adult must be with the kid during the entire lesson. We dance, we roll, we play and we use equipment such as air tracks, rings, bars, aerial silk, balls, ribbons, balance beams etc. 

Days and hours coming soon! 

Indoor Parkour NEW

Starting in September

Age: 6+ years

We are adding a new class from September 2020. In this class will focus and work more with indoor parkour. Get ready for some jumps, tricks and flips in a safety environment full of mats. 

Price  10 euros per kid per training

Thursday 5:00-6:00 p.m 

No available places at the moment


Aerial Acrobatics NEW

Age: 6+ years

We are adding a new class from September 2020. In this class will focus and work more with aerial silk and hoop. Get ready for some amazing time. 

Friday 16:00-16:50 p.m.

Price 10 euros per kid per training

Not available at the moment


Childrens΄ Age: 6+

Design your own birthday party and give to your friends an unforgettable experience. Choose  the activities that you love the most, gymnastics, dance, acrobatics, aerial acrobatics, parkour, karaoke, just dance, games, circus activities and we will design a party full of fun and action. Let’s have fun!!!


For Saturdays or Sundays mornings / afternoons 

Max 9 kids

Price: 300 euros for 3 hours



Morning teaching in kindergartens or private schools

From September 2020

We offer gymnastics classes either in your kids school or in our gym. Tell your school about us.

Price 40 euros per kid per month for once a week

Not available at the moment due to pandemic

We will keep you updated 

Girl climbing rope

Age 4+

Morning activities during school holidays

Summer / Christmas / Easter 

During school holidays (Summer, Christmas, Easter, 2st half term,

2nd half term etc) we have our  fun mornings

for kids over 4 years old from 8:00 p.m - 13:00 p.m. 

We are offering the following activities in our indoor place:

-gymnastics for all


-aerial acrobatics


-indoor parkour

-circus activities

-team fun games

We will keep you updated

Dates coming soon for Easter school holidays







Individual and group sessions available  for all sports

 Limassol Cyprus 

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