Dear parents, please read carefully the following information 

Duration of a lesson: 50 minutes 

Please bring your kids on time. We need the 10 minutes between the lessons to clean the equipment. 


In order to better conduct the courses and reduce the chances of transmitting COVID-19, all children and parents participating in our courses should:

- Have clean socks with them to enter the area

- Personal bottle of water

- Personal small towel 

Your kid's temperature will be measured before entering the gym.  Children with a temperature above 37.3 or who feel unwell  should stay at home. Do not worry about missing a lesson, your child can replace the lesson whenever he / she feels better again.


Children should enter the area on their own, except for parents who participate with their young children in groups under 4 years old and they must wear a mask during the entire lesson of their kid. No other members of the family are allowed to enter the gym.  If a  parent needs to enter the area for a short time, he/she MUST wear a mask.  

We would like to remind you that the monthly fees should be  paid in the first week of each month. Kids who come for first time in a gymnastics class, can have their trial and then pay the fees if they wish to reserve the place for the month.


If you miss a lesson due to personal reasons or due to a bank holiday there is no reduction on the monthly fees but you are very welcome to replace the missing lesson in another group. Just check the timetable and let us know which day and time you prefer to come. 

If you choose not to continue for the next month, please let me know as soon as possible. For example, if you wish to cancel your place for November, please send me a message by the end of October. 



1. Cash 

2. PAYPAL payment 

3. Bank transfer: Ancoria Bank 

    IBAN: CY51 0290 0201 0000 0179 3410 0016, SWIFT Number ANCOCY2NXXX

*40 euros per month for once a week

*60 euros per month for twice a week 

*60 euros per month for once a week for two kids

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