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Welcome to our world! Gymnastics is for all!

Are you looking something new and amazing for your kids or  for you? 

At Flips & Hops we teach gymnastics through a funny, safe, and playful environment.  We help kids develop their physical skills like balance, coordination, strength and body awareness and at the same time we help them enhance their psychological skills like self-confidence, self control and concentration.


We respect each kid's limits and strengths and we teach them to respect and accept each other. 

We offer gymnastics programs, acrobatics and aerial acrobatics  for kids from  2 years old  up to adults!  

All lessons are designed and taught by a physical education teacher with a second degree in Psychology and MSc  in Sport Psychology and in Education. 

We also offer morning camps during school holidays (Summer Fun, Christmas Fun and Easter Fun), birthday parties, teaching in kindergartens, private lessons for all ages, advanced acrobatics for dancers/performers as well as sport psychology services for athletes, teams, coaches, parents and clubs.  


Book your trial today. It's never too late to have fun!

Kids doing aerials and rings
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